Friday, April 11, 2014

Peterson's Ladies National Magazines and Delineator's For Sale

Peterson's Magazine 1879
I have been cleaning out my sewing books and patterns again. I have decided to part with some of my doubles or "reading" copies of my Peterson's and Delineator's. All are 1870's-1890's. I have priced them quite reasonably, but if you purchase more than one copy message me and I will provide a discount code!

Peterson's Magazine 1888

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Peterson's Magazine 1883

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Decorate Your House Like A Victorian Brothel

Herter Brothers' Aesthetic Cabinet 1870s/1880s
I am a complete Victorian enthusiest. Ever since I can remember it has been my favorite time period in all respects. Specifically the period between 1878-1888. It's my favorite fashion period, as well as furniture/archetecture period. 

Natural Form Era Dress (1878-1882) curtesy

I am so osbsessed that for the past 10 years I have subscribed to all of the Historic house hunting websites I could find to get their updates weekly. I get excited on Fridays when they come through. I read Gone with the Wind in the 3rd grade. 

The Bordello, by Lee Dubin

Which brings me to the topic at hand. Many people like Victorian, but haven't really researched anything. Most of what they know of Victorian they learned from watching tv. Most of what we see on tv pertaining to the Victorian Period is Westerns. And who had the most opulent interiors in Westerns? Brothels. 

View into Belle's Brothel "Gone with the Wind"

So what would make one's house appear as a brothel? Loads of deep red drapes, cheap white lace, and that awful 1940s parlor reproduction Faux Rococo parlor set that is ever present on Craigslist for a million dollars. 

Mae West's Brothel Room From "She Done Him Wrong" 1933

Perhaps Mrs. Meade says it best in Gone with the Wind when she asks her husband about Belle Watling's place: "Does she have cut-glass chandeliers, plush curtains, and dozens of mirrors?"

Warning! This is not a good deal! These are everywhere!!!! And not Victorian.

Of course, the Victorians had beautiful Rococo Revival furniture, but it looks nothing like that set up there. 

Real Victorian Rococo Revival Sofa by J. & J. W. Meeks

The Victorians indeed used large of mirros to light a room with natural light. They tended to be quite ornate, and made of wood and plaster. 

Victorian Mantle Mirror

However they generally didn't surround themselves with rooms of Venetian Glass Mirrors. 


These are just a few of the things that I have notice are taking Victorian decorating by storm lately. The combination gives some houses big screen brothel worthiness. So be careful, unless, of course, you are going for the Brothel look. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One More Little Sale

... before I start listing new items, I need a little more time for photographing them. ;)

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Through Midnight 3/7

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