Monday, May 7, 2012

Trousseau Shawl

Trousseau is a gorgeous half circle shawl that was published in the Spring 2011 edition of Twist Collective.
I was a little scared of this pattern, because I thought that it would be really complicated. It's not. Throughout the pattern there are really only two different rows of patterned lace, they all just start in different places.

A lot of people said that they had problems running out of yarn, I used about 600 yds where the pattern says the large size could use up to 750, so I had plenty of yarn left, and I didn't even try to get gauge, but I'm assuming it was a little larger because I knit quite loosely.

I used some stashed discontinued yarn for this by Hedgehog Fibres. It's a fingering called Merino Bamboo Silk. It's to die for! I really wish it was still being produced.

I definitely want to knit the small version of this shawl at some point. It was definitely a joyful knit!

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