Sunday, July 8, 2012

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag

I spent this weekend making the Cosmo bag. I have been wanting to make this bag for about a year, but I wanted to wait until I had just the right fabric. On Friday,  I found some Amy Butler Memento (Love Collection) in Burgundy at an out of the way sewing shop, and I had some small pink polka dot already in stash, as well as the interior by Timeless Treasures.

The thing that took the longest, was cutting it out. I already had my pattern drafted and cut out from awhile back, but it took 2.5 hours just to cut the fabric and interfacing. I was almost cutting the entire time too. There are a TON of pieces in this pattern.

Then it took another 40 minutes to iron all the interfacing to their respective fabric pieces.

I spent around another 5 hours sewing the bag together. I have read a lot of bad reviews of this bag being very hard to make. It is not hard to make. It has a lot of curved seams that have to be pinned before you sew them together, and that takes a lot of time. Easy does not always mean fast. 

This bag is HUGE. In addition to all the things that you see in my bag, I can fit my hexipuff bag, laptop, laptop cord, mouse, and a cardigan at the same time. I am super excited that it does! I have needed a bag to drag my laptop around in for awhile and this is perfect!

I even took a pic of myself wearing the bag so you could get an idea of the enormity of it. 

I would definitely recommend this bag for someone in between beginner and intermediate. However please be ware that it takes a long while to make. I have about 8 hours in this bag and I have seen reviews for 14 hours and up. 

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