Friday, October 30, 2015

Simplicity 9519 Prairie Dress Pattern Review

Simplicity 9519

A few weeks ago I made Simplicity 9519 view 2. I have recently become enamoured with Prairie Girl dresses from the early 70s so this seemed like the perfect project.

Simplicity 9519 featured in Simplicity Style News August 1971

The pattern was released in 1971, and (after a really long internet search, then sorting through a random free pile of patterns someone gave me) I was able to track down the "Simplicity Fashion News" flyer that featured the pattern in some really, really awful fabric.

My husband was being a dork. I couldn't stop laughing.

I used some stash fabric that I had been saving for the perfect dress. A dusty lavender striped linen. Now, I LOVE the fabric. I only liked working with it though. First, linen is a little wiggly. You wouldn't thinks so, but it likes to slip around a little while cutting, and it had stripes so there was a lot of remeasuring to keep the grain exactly straight. Also, linen wrinkles. In like a second. I had freshly pressed the dress, then driven 20 min to Rose Hill Cemetery for the pictures, completely wrinkled.

The only thing I changed from view 2 was the collar. I used the collar from view 3. I kind of wish I'd gone with the ruffled collar. Of course, you can't see any of this because I am wearing my big black shawl, and channeling Stevie Nicks.

The pattern was quite simple, and a relatively quick sew. I definitely recommend the pattern. Probably the most difficult part is inserting the zipper, which really isn't that hard. I am going to love wearing this for fall! And for all my vintage Coach lovers I was carrying my City Bag, which I thought went well with the dress.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. This is GORGEOUS. I've been wondering how to make a prairie dress look a little more modern, and the striped linen really does it here. Killer. Stevie would be proud.

  2. love it - simplicity 70s patterns have some great cuts, and the styling is fab

    1. Thanks! I love the old styling also. Its a shame pattern companies don't style things like they used to!