Monday, September 12, 2011

New Look 0431/6909

The wedding has come and gone. I was starting to feel like it would never get to this point, but at last it has.
And I DID have time to make a dress for myself! I was orginally going to make V1088, a Donna Karen pattern:
Donna Karen Vogue 1088 v1088
but, my package didn't arrive in time to make this one. So I ended up making New Look 6909 or 0431. I used view C minus the fussy pockets.
new look 6909 0431 sewing pattern

I used a tweedy plaid fabric that was very fray and fall apartish because it was so loosely woven. After I finished the dress I had a WHOLE dustpan full of threads, mostly from this fabric.
This dress reminds me of Dolores Umbridge or a 1970s Flight Attendant.
Delores Umbridge    flight attendants
I used a standard size and had to widen the hips a little, which is fairly normal for me. I DID make a mock up and I always recommend doing so, especially if you are using a woven material.
The collar of the dress says to cut on the BIAS, do it. I don't care if you want all the stripes/plaid in the world to match up. The reason you cut this piece on the bias is for stretchiness. If you cut it straight on the grain it will not go the full width of the collar and you will have to cut another one (like I did).
The pattern is pretty straight forward otherwise and if you've been sewing for awhile you shouldn't have to use the directions.
Pics of the finished garment will come soon!

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