Friday, December 16, 2011

Amy Butler Origami Bag Set

Amy Butler's Style Stitches is a great pattern book, the pictures are gorgeous and the patterns are quite nice. They are things you (or I) would actually use. Back in October I made the Origami Bag Set for my Bestie who is moving to Saudi Arabia in January or so. I figured she is going to be traveling quite a bit, and these would be the perfect companion for knitting, toiletries, anything the needed to be kept organized.

I used a green toile that I had been hoarding for a few years and a coordinating batik. The zippers are all vintage. It seems every time I go to an estate sale there is a bag of vintage zippers and I cannot resist them! I have WAY too many to ever buy new zippers again.

I love the way the bags turned out, I think I will be making a set for myself, but well after Christmas as they are quite time consuming to make.

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