Monday, July 30, 2012

Singer 421G Sewing Machine

First of all, let me say how excited I am about finding this machine! This is one of the rare German Singer machines that has eluded me for years!

It not only has a fantastic bed extension and storage space in the bed.... It also has a free arm!

It also came in a sweet Danish Modern (German Modern?) sewing cabinet, like I have never seen before!


It even came with most of the attachments and the manual!


  1. I have that sewing machine, and I would kill for that manual! And I had no idea it has a free arm!

    1. It is a fantastic machine! I think it was one of the first free arms!

    2. Hello I am restoring one of these machines which I bought at a Goodwill. However it didn't come with the power cord and foot pedal. In looking at the socket on the side of the machine, it is different from my other Singers of the same era. I am wondering if the power is specific to Germany and does not work in North America. Are you able to post a photo of the socket and plug for me to compare?

    3. Hi there! I sold this machine eons ago so I will have to dig around for my photos. As I recall my manual was in German and the power did not have to be converted to work on the US. I am pretty sure the controller/ power cord was the same as one of the two US 400 series versions. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    4. ok. Thanks I will look at the US 400 versions.

    5. Just curious, how much did you sell it for? Thank you.

  2. I have the same one after my mum (R.I.P) and it's the best machine ever, but I don't have the manual.

    1. Beautiful machine! It is definitely one of the better Singer machines. I wish I came across them more often.

  3. Just bought this machine. It runs like a dream. I have the manual, attachments (2 of the bobbins are shiny like brand new) and table. Found in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  4. Hi! do you think its possible to receive a somewhat copy of the manual? readable pictures taken with a newer smartphone would be enough!
    you may contact me at
    Thanks so much!

    I just obtained the machine and after over 20 years without usage and beeing stored in a cellar it started sewing as its brand new. Its all metal and looks perfect handicrafted. Its amazing to see this quality. Today ist mostly cheap plastic thats sold. You take a modern, new machine off the floor and you hear the cracking and sound of plastic as the machine deforms under its own weight.
    Well Im going to give it some oil, but really would appreciate to receive a copy of the manual to give it its full dedication and care.

    Thanks so much! <3

  5. @harrybertdoener.
    Might be good to check the 431G manuals, available free from Ismacs.
    They very similar & you will get 95%+ of your wanted info from that source.
    Don't give up yet!
    I emailed you just now.

    Good luck!
    John F.

  6. I notice that the left hand throat plate fixing is missing/damaged.
    Have you found a fix for this?

    I have similar problems with my 431G: )