Friday, August 15, 2014

Vintage Fashion Magazines

Seventeen Magazine May 1955 Cover
Yesterday I went to a local estate sale and scored some lovely vintage fashion magazines. I got quite a few SEVENTEEN and McCall magazines. They are filled to the brim with gorgeous ads and articles!

Catalina Swimsuit Ad from 1955 issue of Seventeen Magazine

Let me say how jealous I am of the teens from the 50s. The Seventeen magazines from the 90s (when I was a teen) were nowhere near as posh as they used to be. I kind of feel like I got cheated in that by the time I got them, they were kind of trashy in a way. At least comparatively

Seventeen Magazine April 1955 Cover
I am in love with this PROM issue! Hello! Such a sweet dress and a man in a military uniform. (ROTC perhaps?) Oh! Days Gone By how sweet you appear.

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