Monday, April 2, 2012

Caricia Shawl

I just finished my second Caricia shawl by Anne Hanson. I made the first one I made I completely knit it without a center stitch (back in 2009). This one is AWESOME though. It's much larger than I thought it would be. 70" across the top and 35" deep. My favorite part is the lace edging, it ads such a sweet little detail!

The pattern is clearly written and the charts are nice and bold. I LOVE Anne's patterns!

I used Yarn Chef Creme Brulee in Stormy Skies. This is one of my favorite yarns. Ok, it probably IS my favorite.

Everyone always asks me who my shawls are for. This one is for me =]

The outdoor photos are much truer to the actual color of the yarn, but you still can't see all of the gorgeous variations!

Now, what shall I knit next?

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