Monday, April 9, 2012

Singer 201-2, Queen Anne Sewing Table and Stool

Price: $525, free local pickup, will ship

This is a stunning and rare Singer 201-2 sewing machine. This machine is very smooth and strong. It has a gear driven motor so there are no slips when sewing through thick fabric. 

This 201-2 is a rare blackside which means it was produced during the war years when the needle plate, side plate etc. were not chromed, but dipped in black finish instead. 

The serial number on this machine is AF892303 which dates the machine to 1941.

I purchased this machine in 2006 from an elderly lady who purchased the machine new and maintained it well. This machine has been used by me since then and has been well maintained.

Included with the head of this machine is, the original Queen Anne Table and sewing stool. All standard attachments come with this machine in their original green Singer box. 

I recovered the stool, but the original fabric is underneath. The new fabric can be removed with a staple puller. 


If shipped, this will come in 3 boxes: Machine and attachments , table, and stool. The table and stool will be DISASSEMBLED, it is not difficult to put these back together (basically the legs are unscrewed). 

Just need a Singer Queen Anne Stool? I have one here for $110.

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