Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Broyhill Sculptra Dining Suite

If you know me, you know I love Victorian furniture. I'm not at all big into the Mid Century thing. I can definitely appreciate the aesthetic, but I prefer garish over modern lines any day. However, this rule of thumb with me, doesn't apply to the Broyhill Sculptra line. I LOVE it! I am not exactly sure why that is, it's not incredibly different from other MCM furniture lines. Maybe I just love the good Walnut used on the set...? I have no idea.

Broyhill Sculptra Dining Set

So a few weekends ago I came across a random listing for a vintage dining set in Alabama, and it happened to be Sculptra. The price was great so we made the trek from Middle Georgia to East Alabama to save this set. 

Sculptra Dining Table and Chairs
In the original brochure, this table is listed as the Dinette table, there were 3 different table options, this being the middle size. There were also two options of chair styles. This being my preferred style. I like how the crest of the chair coordinates with the cat-eye pulls. 

Broyhill Sculptra China Cabinet

The china cabinet is my favorite piece from the set. When we picked it up it was very easy to move because it breaks down into two pieces (and I do my Chaturangas!) Not so easy to move was the Credenza....

Broyhill Sculptra Credenza

or as some people like to call it a "bar". Personally, I think it looks like a plain old server or buffet (but that's the Victorian girl talking). That top on there? That's marble. it doesn't come off. It was quite difficult for Mark and I to move even with my Chaturangas and Husband's manly upper body strength. At least Victorian marble is removable. Pfft.

I have gone back and forth about selling this set. Since we are house hunting currently and we aren't sure what type of house we will be purchasing. (I still want Victorian, husband wants something somewhat more energy efficient, maybe something Craftsman or a Fairy Tale cottage will suffice?) It may or may not work for us in the end.

I do currently have it listed on Etsy... just in case you need it more than I do. Ha!


  1. I found a china like the one above. Can you tell me the value of it

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  3. Just curious, what type of house did you purchase? Did you sell this set? I just stumbled across this post.